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January 10, 2016 Update!



GOOD NEWS for beer lovers!

My ‘original’ (1968!) design of the 1:24 scale Monogram Models BEER WAGON kit will once again be ‘on the shelves’ - and in the Model kit department at the ‘TD’ store - the 1st quarter of 2016! This was the kit that started it all! Custom chain-drive, stake - bed Mack truck with chrome beer keg gas tanks, injected motor, oodles of neat goodies - including beer barrels, beer mug shifter, in cab beer keg and more! I will email as soon as they arrive here in Kanab.

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GOOD NEWS for those who love Tom Daniel artwork!

Much progress has been made on the all-new, stand alone, Tom Daniel Fine Art Gallery!
For the first time on-line, ‘original’ works of art will be for sale…. NO computer generated artwork here… strictly ‘old school’ brush to canvas - or to watercolor paper artwork.

The range of my artwork displayed in the new gallery will cover paintings from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s - and paintings from the year 2000 and up to the present day!

4-color prints as well as Giclee prints + note and post cards will be available for many of (my) original artworks - for those who prefer the price range of reproductions.


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GOOD NEWS for those who collect Monogram / TD Trading Cards!

The December, 2015 issue of ‘SMR’ Sports Market Report - the ‘official’ Certified Price Guide (with ‘Dizzy Dean’ on the cover) for Sports Trading Cards has a comprehensive article “The Monogram Maker” (Me) on pages 115 through 126; and tells the story behind the issue of the ‘collectible’ Tom Daniel Trading Cards Monogram produced and packed in various Tom Daniel Designed model kits back in the 1970s. The (23) trading cards all depicted my box art - except for the Li’l Coffin.

So, anyone who has stashed those old trading cards away some where - and they are in ‘mint’ condition, you could have a valuable commodity in your possession.

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Revell-Monogram News

HOORAY! After 40 + years, the JINX EXPRESS kit is back in stock in the Model Kit Department in the ‘TD’ store!.

Just like the original, this unique kit doubles as a working PIGGY BANK - complete with rear door and combination lock for access to the pennies, nickels & dimes that are ‘deposited’ into the bank vault through the money slot on the roof gun turret!.

Easy to build, loaded with cool details and green tinted hood scoop and windshield, the JINX EXPRESS will put a BIG smile on your face!.

If you'd like to see more re-releases of the old 'TD' (Monogram) model kits, you can contact Revell-Monogram directly at toll-free 1-800-833-3570 and/or via e mail at:

Let them know which 'TD' kits you'd like to see again available.

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Cool Stuff News

The long awaited DVD version of the "Man Behind the Models" VHS tape from the 1990s is now available in the "Cool Stuff" department in the 'TD' store. Check it out

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Mattel News

For collectors who like the MOB ROD, look for TWO different paint and graphics versions - for the Indianapolis and Los Angeles Hot/Wheels Conventions coming soon, BOTH designed by #1 son - Kelly Daniel. Hot looking!

As many of you know, MOB ROD was voted "Casting of the Year" by Hot Wheels Collectors. Many thanks to you ALL for that honor! The "special" limited run issue of MOB ROD - with the body color and wheels chosen via "sElections" ballot - will soon be available, with "special" graphics created by my number one son - Kelly Daniel (his graphic design for MOB ROD was better than mine).

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I have a limited supply of the hot electric HO SLOT- CAR DRAG RACE set's, featuring the S'Cool BUS vs the BAD BRAT for exciting match race drag action on the 13 foot long race track! Just the ticket for dad's and sons and daughters! (and mom, too!)

Now available in the COOL STUFF department.

TD gablich

TD gablich


Fine Art News

For everyone who has asked about purchasing ORIGINAL Tom Daniel artwork, in the works will be a selection of HOT ROD art, CUSTOM'S, RACING and FINE ART. Details are to be worked out, but I hope to have items shown in the FINE ART pages at the 'TD' store; and possibly some original art for sale via some form of auction.


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See 'TD' CAREER Page for complete information

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BONNEVILLE and the BLUE FLAME: Recently made the trip to Bonneville to attend the 40th anniversary celebration and dinner party honoring the October 23, 1970 running of the rocket powered LSR vehicle "BLUE FLAME" - driven by the late Gary Gabelich - to a World Land Speed record of: 622.407 MPH in the 'flying mile'; and 630.388 for the flying kilometer record. Those record speeds lasted for more than a decade.

A very well-done slide show was presented by Dick Keller, with his (then) partner at Reaction Dynamics - Pete Farnsworth, adding many interesting aspects and details about the building of the BLUE FLAME.

I took along with me, my model of the AMERICAN WAY LSR vehicle - for some pictures of it ON THE SALT! It drew quite a crowd, with many wanting to have their pictures taken with it. Everyone said they'd like to see it FULL SIZE - and making LSR runs. Me too!

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As ALWAYS, THANK YOU for all the letters and e mail with your GREAT stories of your childhood modeling escapades! I DO read them all - and I WILL reply - (though sometimes it takes some time to do that).

Kind regards,